PraanaPoorna Soapnut Berries Whole 1 kg

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South Indian Soapnut whole berries with seeds. Sapindus trifoliatus. Packed in Palm leaf bags.

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Directions for Use:
Soak 250 gm in 1 liter water overnight and use 100 ml for laundry for 5 kg load. Machine wash or Handwash. Soak a handful in 500 ml water overnight. crush and filter to get instant Shampoo liquid.                                                                Ornaments : Soak jewels in soapnut solution for 10-15 minutes and brush it.Wash with plain water.

● CONTAINS saponins: An active ingredient that acts as a natural disinfectant and take care of Cleaning needs.
●SOAPNUTS grown and sourced locally from South Indian forests and estates.



Weight 1000 g