Praanapoorna Mosquito repellent Daily Spray 5L


Use mosquito repellent with 1 to 20 parts water dilution and use spray or natural cold fogging machine.
Indoors spray in dark corners as mosquito repellent once a day at dusk.
Use with 2% dilution in garden as pest repellent. This does not disturb caterpillars, bees and birds.
100% Natural | Handcrafted|Biodegradable.
It contains soapnuts and pure citronella essential oil.

PraanaPoorna Citrus Bio peel extract is a multi-purpose, natural cleaner produced from citrus peels. It is an effective alternative to harsh deisel and chemicals fumes we typically use in living spaces during our fumigation process.
This does not disturb caterpillars, bees and birds.
By using Citrus peel extracts, you are bringing back beneficial microbes thus inhibiting growth of pathogens – into our living spaces and waste water joining water bodies. This increases lifeforce in our ecosystem allowing our lifestyle to work with Earth to regain its natural regeneration capacity.

Weight 5200 g


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