Praanapoorna Floor Cleaner 750ml

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Floor Cleaner
Clear citrus peel extract-based Natural Disinfectant. Blend with essential oil.
Direction for Use: Mix 5ml of cleaner in half a bucket of water to use for floor mopping

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The Clear Citrus Bio peel extract (also referred to as fruit peel extract) is a multi-purpose, natural cleaner produced from citrus peels. It is an effective alternative to harsh chemicals such as bleach, phenol, and other chemical solutions we typically use in living spaces for our cleaning purposes. It contains soapnuts and pure essential oil.

2 reviews for Praanapoorna Floor Cleaner 750ml

  1. Suba

    I have been using the floor cleaner for a year now. The floor is sparkling clean, no chemical odour and keeps the cockroaches away. We usually
    clean the backyard and balconies with the left over water from mopping and have seen cockroach pb go away. Allergies hv also gone down in our family.

  2. Suja

    Love the minty fresh feel with the natural floor cleaner. Thanks to Praanapoorna for the natural disinfectant variants avoiding chemicals. It repels pests naturally too.

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