Praanapoorna Dishwash powder (500g)

250.00 INR

Natural dish wash powder for cleaning utensils. Lathers less; uses less water to wash. Safe on hands.

100% Natural | Plant based | Biodegradable | Water Efficient

Directions for Use:
1. Take required amount of dish wash powder and scrub the utensils
2. Rinse with water.

● ANTI-FUNGAL:Wood ash is a natural anti-fungal agent.
● Our Dish wash Powder is designed to cut through grease and grime, leaving your dishes spotless and     gleaming.
● CHEMICAL-FREE: No Chemicals hence Safe on hands,family and pets.
● WATER EFFICIENT: Lathers less,requires less water to wash.Does not add any toxins to washed water. hence used water can be directly fed to plants

Ingredients: Soapnut powder and wood ash.