PraanaPoorna Pet Care Hamper

970.00 INR

Hamper designed to promote pet’s health and happiness, ensuring their overall well-being.

100% Natural certified | Plant based | Non-Toxic Lab Tested | Eco- friendly | Anti-microbial

Kennel wash + Pet Spray Deodorizer + Paw butter + Palm Bag 

● 100% PET & KID  FRIENDLY: Made only with pet-friendly ingredients that leave your canine and feline friends feeling fresh, happy, and healthy. Making it lick-safe.
● NATURAL AND PET SAFE FRAGRANCE: Products are aromatized with pet-friendly premium essential oil.
● Pet Spray Deodorizer: A convenient solution to keep furry friends clean and fresh between baths. Repels   parasites and other insects such as ticks and fleas.
● Kennel wash:For complete deodorizing of the Pet soiled areas and disinfecting with a natural mint fragrance.
● Paw butter :Natural Moisturizer for your four legged pets  for soft velvety paws, elbows and dry skin.

Note: keep away from sunlight and replace cap tightly after use.
Best before 2 years from date of manufacture.

Weight 750 g