PraanaPoorna Kaajal

890.00 INR

Handcrafted Detox eyeliner that is highly cooling for eyes and overall body.

100% Natural |Handcrafted | Kid Safe | Plant Based | Biodegradable.

Directions for Use:
Take required amount of kaajal in the finger tip and apply on your eye.

● FOR HEALTHY EYES:Traditional Detox eyeliner handcrafted with Crepe jasmine flower juice in wick and castor oil lamp. Nourishes dry eyes and also highly cooling for body.
● CASTOR OIL is made in traditional way from castor seeds.Roasted, crushed and boiled in water to extract oil on wood fire heat.
● CHEMICAL-FREE:Contain no chemicals ,Hence no irritation.Enriched with nourishing ingredients, our Kaajal not only adorns your eyes but also cares for them.
● Packaged in an elegant, travel-friendly design, our Kaajal is perfect for on-the-go touch-up.

Ingredients:Crepe jasmine flower and Castor oil.

Weight 4 g
Dimensions 16 × 6 mm