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Why Praanapoorna Natural CleaneR

100% Natural

Natural cleaners are made from completely natural ingredients.  After human use, they can be absorbed by the earth without causing harm to anything else alive (Hence the name “PraanaPoorna”). They are made using citrus fruit peels and soapnuts. The handcrafted process uses microbial culture to extract natural acids from citrus peels and create enzymes over a period of three months. These enzymes disintegrate grime rather than burning them like conventional chemical cleaners. They do not pollute the environment at any stage of preparation and usage.  In some cases, natural cleaners have also helped revive and rejuvenate good microorganisms in polluted water bodies.

Adverse effects of Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners indiscriminately destroy everything they come in contact with, killing even the good microorganisms along with the disease-causing ones. The good microbes which are capable of cleaning up polluted water bodies are also killed when the chemical cleaners in the sewage reach them. Even during use, the harsh chemicals can harm our skin. Many chemicals used in cleaners are suspected to be carcinogenic. As the poster above outlines the higher detrimental effects on children, it is quite clear that switching to natural cleaners is an important step towards a lifestyle that is good for both you and the earth.

Circular Economy

We invest in indigenous or traditional knowledge capital to revive sustainable products and practices.  Equitable access to Natural Capital can be acheived by reviving Native groves and increasing access to local raw material.

Shifting to Cradle- To- Cradle Lifecycle of Products  ensures Zero Landfill . Handcrafted process increases lifeforce in products also creates livelihoods.

Local and distributed way of working ensures local resource usage with reduced transport and packaging. Zero waste from Process and our products are packed in repurposed containers.

Natural cleaners require less Water and are Biodegradable. Waste from process blend into soil. Microbes bring back balance with Earth ecosystem when our drain connects to water bodies

Building Community of Local Co-Producers

PraanaPoorna Collective believes in conserving ecosystem and works towards it by enabling local communities to bulk produce making local economies stronger.

This is a network of current natural cleaner producers and users who will produce more citrus bio-enzyme at their respective locations, will be enabling others to co-produce and enable bulk availability for the community and bulk consumers around us to replace chemical pollutants in our water and air.

Each member would actively sign up producers with specific focus to engage and hand hold (if required) women who require additional livelihood income through NGO or SHG trainings and workshops.


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